today is May 21, 2022

By Ian Wood | January 12, 2022 11:49 am ET

May be an image of nature Attitash Mountain Resort in New Hampshire is finally looking to replace their Summit Triple. According to documents filed with the U.S. Forest Service, Vail Resorts’ solution to this problem will be a replacement of the Summit Triple with either a high-speed quad or six-pack. Based on the limited amount of terrain from the top (about three trails), I think they’ll end up going with the four-person lift. In spite of the documents shared with the U.S. Forest Service documents saying it will be completed by the end of 2022, it will be hard to pull off due to their late planning and supply chain and worker issues that will likely continue into this year. It also needs to get U.S. Forest Service approval, which can be a timely process. Attitash is also planning to replace their two learning center double chairlifts with a fixed-grip quad for the 2022-23 season. Another potential issue is the growing backlog with all the lift replacements coming in the 2022 offseason. A solution to this is one of the high-speed lifts that is being replaced at another Vail property could be moved to Attitash. The Summit Triple at Attitash has been public enemy number one among locals due to its frequent downtime, long lift lines, and very slow ride to the top.  Mechanical issues on the only high-speed lift over on the Attitash side, Flying Yankee, have also led to long lines and disgruntled customers. We’ve obviously been pretty negative about Vail lately, and I feel like that’s been valid. Just in New Hampshire, there have been the reduced operating hours at Crotched Mountain, the weak snowmaking efforts and traffic at Mount Sunapee, the struggles at Attitash, including the alleged recruitment of Attitash patrollers to potentially aid in the potential Park City patrollers strike, and Wildcats chairlift accident plus extremely slow snowmaking efforts. Adding to Attitash’s struggles is that their GM Greg Gavrilets is resigning on January 17th. But this to me is a great move on their part. These two lift replacements will completely reinvigorate the Attitash side of the mountain and help with crowd flow. Vail’s putting a lot of effort into revitalizing Attitash, partially due to the variety of lodging next to the mountain, and also in the nearby towns. Will the new summit lift be ready in 2022? It’s tough to tell, but it’s definitely on their radar now. You can view the proposal here. Image Credits: Attitash Mountain Resort