today is May 21, 2022

“I am loath to incarcerate somebody for a petty offense of this nature. That just would not appear to be a just sentence to me. I do believe that there needs to be a deterrent.” – Judge Gordon Gallagher

Badboy entrepreneur David Lesh finally sentenced in a Colorado court and walked out with a $10,000 fine, 160 hours of community service, and a year of probation. CBS Denver reports punishment stems from an April 2020 incident where Lesh trespassed onto onto Keystone Resort’s terrain park with his snowmobile. The resort is located on federal land.

“The more hate I got, the more people got behind me, from all over the world. These people couldn’t give two f—s about me walking on a log in Hanging Lake. It was an opportunity to reach a whole new group of people – while really solidifying the customer base we already had.”

Federal prosecutors dropped five charges pertaining other controversial social media photos from Hanging Lake and Maroon Lake photos. Lesh claimed he had doctored the photos, largely in an effort to thumb his nose at the federal government, and prosecutors could not verify that the photos authenticity.

Lesh also told the New Yorker that his company’s sales increased 30% after the Hanging Lake photo went public.

“I want to be able to post fake things to the Internet. That’s my f***ing right as an American.”

Lesh’s Attorney, Barrett Weisz, says he has experienced a ton of public outcry from his outrageous behavior and his crimes are petty:

“I don’t think he’s a bad person. I think he’s made some bad decisions. This is not the crime of the century. These are petty offenses. Mr. Lesh has endured a lot of hate from the public because of this case.” – Lesh’s Attorney Barrett Weisz

What do you think…does the punishment fit the crime?