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Mattias Fredriksson is one of the most prolific adventure photographers of our time. For the past quarter-century he has traveled the globe with some of the world’s best skiers seeking the best terrain and snow conditions out there.

Through his dedication to document real stories, Fredriksson has shot enumerable features for Powder and many other adventure titles world wide. His work ethic and passionate personality have resulted in an impressive body of work combining the subtleties of natural light and motion in a potent mix of quiet alpine moments, intense action, and creative portraiture.

Like most Swede’s, Fredriksson started skiing almost as soon as he could walk. His media career began at local newspapers, and after a few years ski-bumming in the mid-1990s he went on to study journalism before landing a job as editor and photographer at FunSport Media in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. After working with the company’s ski, snowboard and mountain bike titles, Fredriksson moved on to the editorship of Åka Skidor, Sweden’s most respected ski magazine. Having dabbled successfully in photography, he then decided to focus on it full-time as a freelancer, launching his international career as a content producer. From there it was a whirlwind rise to the top as his work appeared in the world’s top ski, bike, and outdoor magazines as well as global campaigns for commercial clients.

With a ceaseless drive and desire to capture the perfect photo, combined with his mountain skills and immaculate eye for location, light, and world class skiers, Mattias has remained one of Powder’s most valued contributors on record.

As chosen by Mattias, here are the Top 5 ski shots of his career thus far.


Photo Credit: Mattias Fredriksson

Espen Linnerud, Stranda, Norway - 2008. As with most photographers, my career has gone through different phases. For more than 10 years, I documented the modern freestyle scene and traveled the world with some of the most progressive skiers - and film makers - on the planet. It was a time of jaw dropping moves happening right in front of my lens and also a lot of time spent waiting for good weather (and less wind) in stunning places. This photo of Espen Linnerud was captured at sunrise on a spectacular spring day on location in Stranda on the Norwegian west coast. It is to date one of the most beautiful locations I have ever worked in. I was invited to shoot stills during a film shoot with Field Productions, at the time a young talented crew of film makers from Norway. Later the guys at Field went on to produce the Supervention films, which in my opinion are two of the best snow films ever made.

Photo Credit: Mattias Fredriksson

Cody Townsend, Terrace, British Columbia - 2011. 10 years ago, I arrived to Terrace in northern British Columbia, for the first time. It was a memorable trip with Cody Townsend, Henrik Windstedt and Rory Bushfield as well as the filmers Scott Gaffney and Fred Arne Wergeland. We were guided by the legendary local ski guide Yvan Sabourin and when he showed us this zone, it was game on. This frame of Cody is one of my favorite photos of all time; the energy, the landscape, the skiing and the light in perfect harmony. A few years ago we moved to Terrace and I now ski with Yvan a lot. In fact, earlier today we were skiing deep powder together and now I sit and write this. Without this trip 10 years ago, we might not have moved here so I am extra thankful for this trip.


Photo Credit: Mattias Fredriksson

Henrik Windstedt, Park City, Utah - 2005. This photo of Henrik Windstedt was almost never taken. After several intense days in the Utah backcountry, shooting for the legendary ski film Teddybear Crisis, our crew decided to take a day off and just go to the terrain park in Park City. At first I did not even bring my camera bag. In the afternoon the boys had a session on this S-rail and there was a really slow chairlift going straight above. I decided to go back to the truck to pick up the camera. Once I was back and had figured out the timing when the skiers where on the rail right under the chair, the lift was about to close. It took some convincing for us to get one last lift ride up. Henrik nailed it and I got the shot from the perfect position. This became our first cover of Powder Magazine in 2006 and since then, this photo has been my most sold photo of all time.

Photo Credit: Mattias Fredriksson

Christopher Frankum , Lofoten Islands, Norway - 2009. Norway’s Lofoten Islands got dumped on and together with a crew from Field Productions, I decided to go. The same day we arrived, it rained and then it turned super cold. Our plan to shoot backcountry kickers with ocean backdrops and fjords quickly got written off. One day a friendly cat driver at the little local ski hill above Svolvær, helped us to push snow so we could build this feature. There was nothing wrong with the back drop and Christopher Frankum had his hand plants super dialed so the most difficult thing for me this day, was to balance the light from the two big flashes I carried up the mountain. Eventually things came together and even if this trip did not turn out the way our crew hoped for, this photo alone made a good memory.


Photo Credit: Mattias Fredriksson

Lars-Åke Krantz, La Grave, France - 2013. La Grave in is one of the places that has formed me as a skier - and photographer. I visited there for the first time in 1997 and have returned many times since. This place epitomizes big mountain skiing; one long lift that gives more than 2000 vertical meters of skiing, completely wild terrain and barely any people. The grassroots feeling of La Grave is rare in these times and I feel very inspired by the environment and the people there. Early on, I was told it is impossible to photograph in La Grave in the early season, it’s too dark and all the skiing is in the shadows. I embraced that and it challenged me as a photographer. This frame of my friend Lars-Åke Krantz with the two choughs swinging by, close to the top station in La Grave, was obviously a lucky shot, but never the less it created a unique image.

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