today is May 29, 2022

The Line Between Good and Evil, a 14-minute short film, documents The North Face team captain Hilaree Nelson‘s two-decade journey to summit and ski Papsura, a 21,252-foot Himalayan peak. Director Ben Clark carefully curated archival footage of Nelson’s vision starting back from 1999.

“I obsessed over this line for nearly two decades and finally, in 2017 with Jim Morrison and Chris Figenshau, we successfully climbed and skied this 21,165 foot behemoth,” Nelson posted on Facebook.

Papsura, one of a pair of Indian Himalayan Peaks, is referred to as “The Peak of Evil,” and the short film illustrates just how perilous it is to summit. Nelson needed to commit to the line she would ski without hesitation.

The film originally premiered at the Aspen Mountain Film Festival in 2019. Watch The Line Between Good and Evil in its entirety above.

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