today is May 21, 2022

Yellowstone#39;s Photo Collection

Credit: Yellowstone National Park

Grizzlies don’t mess around when it comes to food. So much so that this one was willing to fight off an entire wolf pack over the carcass of an elk within Yellowstone National Park.

This must have been such an awesome thing to witness in person from a safe distance. I’ve said it a million times, but Yellowstone really feel like a wild west amusement park.

What other place in this country can spectators see Planet Earth-like animal encounters on a daily basis?

“Occurred on October 15, 2021 / Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA “On October 15, 2021, while in Yellowstone for a week, we made a video of 10 plus Junction Pack Wolves fighting with a Grizzly Bear over pieces of Elk carcass. There was butt nipping and paw swiping but no injuries. Looked like they had done this before.”