today is May 24, 2022

The YETI Natural Selection Tour is back for a 2nd season. Last year’s incredible inaugural competition was one of the most-talked about stories of the season, and I’m fired up for another season!

The first competition is on NOW. It’s being broadcast live from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort starting at 9:30AM (MST). You can watch the entirety of the comp right here on Unofficial Networks (embedded below).

Here’s a breakdown of today’s competition format:

“The competition will begin at 9:30am MST and will follow a two-run, head-to-head format allowing for a third tie-breaker run if needed. Of the 24 riders competing on opening day qualifiers, only eight men and four women will advance to the second day of competition. The twelve riders advancing from qualifiers will once again go head-to-head on the to-be-announced final day of competition between Wednesday, January 26 and Monday, January 31. 

Riders will be judged utilizing the Overall Impression Judging System to take advantage of the spontaneous flow of the riders and to allow the judges to take the whole run into consideration. The judges, including Sandy MacDonald, Chad Otterstrom and Connor Manning, have been chosen for their level of expertise and professionalism. Judging will focus on the rider’s chosen line and risk, flow and amplitude, creativity and tricks, and finally, control. “

Check out the opening round matchups. It’s going to be an absolute blast to watch these riders duke it out.

Livestream of the event is embedded below. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best freeriding you’ll see all year in live competition.

I swear Travis Rice is a goddamn genius for pulling this off!

Featured Image: Pat Moore during day 2 finals of the Natural Selection Tour at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Jackson, Wyoming, USA, on 9 February, 2021. Credit: Tim Zimmerman / Natural Selection Tour / Red Bull Content Pool