today is Oct 01, 2022

Junior Bounous. Credit: Snowbird

Junior Bounous set himself a goal at the beginning of the season—to ski his age in days. For most of us, that wouldn’t be too hard to achieve. 20 or 30 days is no problem, 40 or 50 is achievable. But Junior is 96-years-old.

Yesterday he achieved his goal when he skied his 96th day of the season at Snowbird, UT.

“Today marks Snowbird legend Junior Bounous’ 96th day of skiing at age 96—a goal he set for himself this season. Bounous’ part in Snowbird’s story is undeniable.”

– Snowbird Facebook post

Bounous is the former Director of Skiing at Snowbird and the resort’s first School Director. Last year he entered the Guinness Book of World records as the oldest person to go heli-skiing.

Bravo Junior, and congratulations, what an achievement! Learn more about Junior on Snowbird’s blog.

Junior Bounous. Credit: Snowbird Junior Bounous. Credit: Snowbird