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Photo Credit: Dave Reddick

As photographer Liam Doran puts it, “First and foremost I am a skier.” He was born the same year as Powder (1972) and began a life of glisse at the age of 3. By the malleable age 9 he was skiing either Mary Jane, Copper or Loveland, Colorado every weekend and holiday. “Skiing came naturally to me and I progressed fast. I loved it to my core and knew that my world would revolve around the sport and lifestyle of skiing.” And so it has.

Photography was a much different story. He fell in love with the art at the same time he fell in love with skiing. The family coffee table was covered in issues of National Geographic, catalogs for outdoor brands, and, of course, various ski magazines. “My entry in the ski photography world was slow and challenging. To be blunt, I was terrible. But my passion for the sport and the art were never diminished and as the years rolled by I found my stride and my niche. It took me a full decade to go from my first rejected photo submission (on slide film) to my first Powder cover and Photo of the Year award to go along with it. I love skiing and photography and am immensely pleased that I get to share the adventure with you.”

Thanks to Liam’s commitment and vision, we have many more perfect examples as to why we all cherish our own moments of glisse.

Here’s Liam’s Top 5.

Athlete: Caroline Gleich Location: Alta, UT

Photo Credit: Liam Doran

Athlete: Caroline Gleich Location: Alta, UT

Caroline Gleich, Alta, Utah - When the perfect turn combines with once in a career light, magic happens. Where did this diamond dust come from? It came out of nowhere…courtesy of the temps tumbling from 18 above to 18 below in a very short matter of time. This atmospheric phenomenon landed us a Powder cover and the Photo of the Year award. Stoked!


Photo Credit: Liam Doran


Sven Brunso. Adelboden, Switzerland - Sometimes, lining up your skier for a shot takes forever and you’re going back and forth about shadow lines and snowballs and whatnot. But not in this case. As Sven and I crested the boot-pack and this shot came into view, we hardly had to talk about it at all…it was staring us in the face. Light, shadow, backdrop. Put the turn in the last dollop of light and there you have it.

TJ David on Red Mtn Pass. CO

Photo Credit: Liam Doran

TJ David, Red Mountain Pass, Colorado. Getting tubed at sunset in the middle of a massive San Juan face is something every skier should get to do at some point. I shot this as a spread opener for a story I was working on and composed the image to capture the crest of the peaks high in the frame and also the story's namesake, HWY 550, down in the shadow. The story got canned, but the image has stuck with me and remains one of my favorite unpublished photos. Any takers?

Athlete: Mike Maroney, Location: Steamboat Springs, CO

Photo Credit: Liam Doran

Mike Maroney, Steamboat Springs, Colorado - I love using super wide-angle lenses as they can create a great sense of place. The pillow pop action mixed with light in the forest and being able to see the entire length of the sixty foot aspen trees really make this shot work for me. This image was used as a cover of Elevation Outdoors and also marks the beginning of my long term relationship with SIGMA lenses.

Sven Brunso North San Juans

Photo Credit: Liam Doran

Sven Brunso, Red Mountain Pass, Colorado - Pointing your camera directly into the sun is generally not advisable. And in this case I believe I did burn the ole retinas as I was too blinded to make the drive home that night. Anyhow, I took a photographic risk with this shot and always love how it turned out. It was nearly a cover somewhere but ended being a table of contents…I think.

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