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My camera has made my world really big. Growing up on the east end of Long Island where surfing is king, becoming a professional big mountain photographer based out west seemed like a pipe dream to anyone. But I committed, and when you do that—really do it—anything in this world is possible.

I graduated Villanova in 2008 and gained some valuable perspectives living and working in Manhattan for a few years. Among many other things, it taught me what I didn’t want.

The experiences of any photographers life affects their approach, I know that mine have given me a perspective all my own and I try to bring that into any situation I am shooting. I am a constant student, and to be featured here amongst some of the greatest in the world feels like a dream that doesn’t end. Cheers to Powder, the mountains, and all of the people that make our community so vibrant.

Photo Credit: Nic Alegre

Sam Smoothy, Petersburg, Alaska, 2017. Petersburg is a mind-bending place. Our exit time was quickly approaching during this shot, and once I got dropped to my shot location I had 20 seconds to set up what I wanted to do before Sam dropped and I shot this entire line with the rotors spinning above my head. It was an intense moment, and a remarkable one I will never forget. The snow situation up there in Spring 2017 was not good, but we were able to find a few gems like this one and Sam stepped up to this line with the lush landscape that makes Southeast Alaska so unique as a beautiful backdrop. He shredded it, and we packed our crew into the helicopter just below the weight limit as darkness loomed before a 30 minute bump back to our home base. This was a "can-not-blow-it" moment.

Photo Credit: Nic Alegre

Elyse Saugstad, Monte Lussari, Slovenia, 2018. This shot was just a small moment in time where Elyse and I were able to communicate precisely enough to capture. The snow-globe kind of feel, that sparkle that adds another layer to the image lasted only a few minutes. Monte Lussari is one of the most picturesque places I have ever been, and this image is the product of a kind of group focus to bring that to light. I would wander around and get lost in the place, likely to the displeasure of my crew, but it worked and Elyse is just such an absolute pro and has a knack for seeing what myself and the TGR cinematographers are looking for, and she dropped exactly where she needed to.

Photo Credit: Nic Alegre

Sam Smoothy, Girdwood, Alaska, 2018. We rolled the dice on this trip hoping to shoot in late January AK light. That time of year, the likelihood of running into weeks of bad weather is possible if not probable. Luckily, a few days opened up for us and after ripping down a big face above this frame, Sam entered this zone with lit up panels and I punched in tight after shooting wide on the top half of the line to compose a more artistic frame made possible by highlights and shadows. Sam throws some powerful and beautiful turns and was the perfect athlete for that specific moment.

0315_NAlegre_1211519 Edit

Photo Credit: Nic Alegre

Colter Hinchcliffe and Tim Durtschi. La Sals, Utah, 2016. Man, there are so many things that I can say about this shot. Colter, Tim and I always have a great damn time when we are together, and this trip was no different. We pulled the trigger on it pretty last minute and met at the Lazy Lizard Hostel in the Spring of 2016 where we would base to explore the La Sal Mountains that loom over the areas unique landscape. As we observed where the sun was setting from our sleds high in the range, they agreed to hurry over to ski the ridge as the sun went down. The trip was all about taking the initiative and creating as we saw it happening, and the three of us tend to say yes to ideas quite a bit and this shot is a direct result of trusting one another and making things happen.

Photo Credit: Nic Alegre

Sam Smoothy, Neocola Range, Alaska, 2016. I first met Sam outside Captain Cook in Anchorage, and I knew we'd be quick friends when he went inside a local supermarket to find the funkiest set of sunglasses he could. Sam likes to get into the gnarliest stuff he can with as much preparation and safety protocols as possible, and his affinity for big stuff is why three of these five shots are of Sam. This line is just aesthetically pleasing, and late in the afternoon a few weeks into our trip, Sam went straight to the top and put down some massive, smooth turns in front of some dramatic, and at the time somewhat concerning cloud texture rolling in.

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