today is Oct 06, 2022

Whenever seeing a mauled shark, you have to ask yourself what killed it. Sometimes it’s other sharks, sometimes it’s boats, sometimes it’s poaching. But when you see a shark missing it’s entire back half, things feel a bit more eerie.

Reddit user mrs-sukgil posted this photo of an unknown type of shark to the r/sharks subreddit, asking what species it might be. While the image certainly makes the shark look quite large, one commenter stated that it’s likely an Atlantic Sharponese, which only weigh an average of 8 pounds. The question as to what killed it, then, isn’t about size but about cleanliness, because that’s an incredibly clean cut. Some Redditors stated it could have been another shark, while others say a knife or boat propellor. No matter what it is, I would hate to be under that sharp object…

Saw this poor guy yesterday at Oak Island. Any ideas what kind it is? from sharks

Image Credit: u/mrs-sukgil