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Aug. 20, 2021 By Nicole

Freedom and Independence. 

Two words that go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Macaroni and Cheese. Batman and Robin. 

Coming this winter, a brand-new chair creates a classic pair on Peak 7 – Freedom and Independence. The new Freedom SuperChair, alongside the existing Independence SuperChair, will provide guests the opportunity to experience the wide-open and rolling terrain of Peak 7 in a whole new way, and carve their own path down and across Breck’s expansive peaks. 

The new Freedom SuperChair is set to debut for the upcoming winter and the resort’s 60th anniversary season. Located on the north side of Peak 7, the new lift will provide additional access to the popular peak and will be a game-changer for the interconnected, peak-to-peak experience at the resort. With the lower terminal located just below where the Lincoln Meadows and Monte Cristo trails meet, guests coming from Peak 6 will easily be able to hop on the new lift for quick access to Peaks 7 and 8. The lift will drop guests off just above the Pioneer Crossing restaurant. This investment at the resort will greatly enhance the on-mountain experience for skiers and riders, providing relief to the Independence SuperChair and the base of Peak 7, while improving the circulation of skiers and riders between Peaks 6, 7 and 8. 

Construction of the new high-speed quad lift, manufactured by Leitner Poma, is underway this summer. Read more below on the progress of this exciting project! 

June 29, 2021  

The resort has closed for winter operations and the snow has begun to melt, which means construction on our new lift begins to heat up! Throughout the month of June, construction work began with the creation of a new path and lift line for the Freedom SuperChair.

FUN FACT: Tree removal actually took place over the snow! This was a thoughtful and intentional part of the project because conducting tree removal activities over the snow protects sensitive wetlands and has less impact to the soil and vegetation.

As a part of Vail Resorts’ EpicPromise and Commitment to Zero, we are working towards a zero net operating impact on forests and habitat by 2030, which means planting or restoring an acre of forest for every acre of forest displaced by our operations. All with the goal of creating healthier, more resilient forests.

Clearing the path for the new lift Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard View of the new lift line from the top terminal location Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard

July 6, 2021  

Once the path was cleared, crews started digging out space for the foundations of the new upper and lower terminals as well as the tower locations. The molds are created using temporary wood structures, then the cement is poured for many of these foundations using excavators. For those harder-to-reach locations, we’ll use a helicopter to pour those foundations. Fun fact: after it has cured, a sample of the cement is sent off for analysis to ensure its quality. 

Excavator delivering cement Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard Pouring cement for a new tower foundation Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard

July 15, 2021  

As tower foundations continued to be poured, teams prepped to move equipment up the hill, including the bullwheel (the mechanism that makes all the magic happen and spins the chairlift!) and other components of the top terminal structure. The completed top terminal will be located just above our Pioneer Crossing restaurant, putting this new chair in the perfect spot for your mid-day break to refuel!

Equipment prepped for building foundation cement molds Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard Wood structure created for foundation to be poured Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard View of final tower and top terminal location Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard Workers checking that the foundation is level Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard Crews getting ready to load top terminal pieces onto a truck for transport Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard Transporting top terminal pieces to the top of Peak 7 Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Spence Linard

August 27, 2021

Time for some heavy lifting! For those final few hard-to-reach tower locations, crews used the expertise of a specially-designed Black Hawk to pour the remaining foundations. With all tower and terminal foundation work complete, now work can begin to prep them for tower installations. Also arriving were the new chairs! So all around, it was a very exciting day at Breck.

Helicopter pouring foundation near top terminal Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Stephen Costas Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort / Stephen Costas Credit: Breckenridge Ski Resort

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work on the project ahead of the winter 21/22 season. Also, check out the capital project going on at our sister resort, Keystone!