today is Oct 01, 2022

Report from May 19, 2022

Today was yet another stellar day in Mammoth.

We got out there at 7:30am and the upper mountain was already soft enough for carving.

Scottie’s off the top was a little weird as it felt like it didn’t freeze properly last night and maybe it had just enough east in it to get a bit cooked early.

Cornice, however, was perfect.

And the main racecourse had no racers today!

This means you can do a fast, fun, clean run from top to bottom on highly salted (read fast) snow that never lets up.

Chair 23 looking down. image: snowbrains

We ripped top to bottom laps from Cornice to Race Course all morning.

We eventually moved on for the sake of variety and found great turns on Chairs 3 5.

After the big day we had yesterday, I was pretty smoked by 10am…

Lazy River Life. image: snowbrains

I called it, rested up, then hit the Lazy River with the team.

The river was flowing a lot higher today due to it not really freezing around here for a few days.

We took full advantage…

Stoke to see Greggy for 1st time since Feb. image: snowbrains

Yimmers has only been river surfing for 2 days and he’s already an instructor and the only one of us who can carve.

Gosh…  Just another spectacular day in Mammoth in May.

image: mammoth, 5/19/22 image: noaa, 5/19/22 Lacy shredding. image: snowbrains Chair 23 zone. image: snowbrains Miles getting Lazy. image: snowbrains Lazy River. image: snowbrains Chair 23. image: snowbrains Stitch! image: snowbrains Yimmers needing stitches after Lazy River. image: snowbrains Shadow happy. image: snowbrains Lenticular cloud. image: snowbrains Chair 23. image: snowbrains Mammoth Mountain. image: snowbrains