today is Oct 01, 2022

Report from December 23, 2021

The rain turned to snow at lake level (6,200′) this morning at 8:30am.

58-88″ of snow is forecast for Palisades Tahoe in the next 3-days.

I decided to let the snow pile up for a bit before I headed to the hill.

I showed up at 1pm and it was dumping at Palisades Tahoe.

KT-22 and The Fingers. image: snowbrains

I went straight to KT-22 and grabbed a quick lap down the front side in creamy powder and fun conditions in tough light.

I went back up, met a cool cat named Conner, and we skied a run I never ski on the skier’s left side of The Nose.

We found fresh tracks and had a hoot.

This tree broke in half in 2019. image: snowbrains

I simply adore KT-22 and all its terrain.

We ripped back down to the lift for more and KT had been closed (reportedly due to the hard-hitting storm and a possible injury).

I hesitated for a minute…  Ski more, or rest up?

KT-22 closed down at about 2pm. image: snowbrains

I chose rest up.

This is going to be a big week…

The old 1960 Olympic locker room and Red Dog. image: snowbrains image: palisades tahoe, 12/23/21 image: noaa, 12/23/21 Snow on deciduous trees. image: snowbrains Merry Christmas! image: snowbrains Snow on pine trees. image: snowbrains Happy doggers. image: snowbrains Snow on highway 89. image: snowbrains