today is Oct 06, 2022

Olympic Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenburg Sends Chad's Gap

Sage Kotsenburg sending Chad’s Gap

Sage Kotsenberg went on the Bomb Hole Podcast last year to talk about his pilgrimage to Chad’s Gap back in 2019.

Kotsenberg, along with the help of a few fellow riders, built the kicker and run-in to Chad’s in just three days and had an epic session.

Love to hear him tell the story as it actually went down. We can forget how much preparation and effort goes into setting up a spot, especially one as legendary as Chad’s Gap.

The effort was definitely worth. The clip of Kotsenberg lacing the back 12 on Chad’s is an all-timer.

Check out the clip below of Sage landing the back 12 he talked about in the podcast clip. So gnarly!