today is Oct 06, 2022

Ski Cooper has quietly amassed one of the best season pass partner programs in North America. The ski area might get over-shadowed by their larger neighbors, but there’s no denying that $329 for a season pass that includes access to 60 partner resorts is quite a big deal.

Passes will be available for purchase on July 1st. Prices are as follows: $329 for ages 15-74, and $149 for ages 6-14.

You can buy your Ski Cooper Season Pass here.

^Credit: Casey Day/Ski Cooper

Ski Cooper CEO Dan Torsell had this to say about the importance of keeping skiing affordable:

“Our core mission is to keep skiing as affordable as possible and we take tremendous pride in our ability to do that through our pass,”

“The family atmosphere and excellent quality of service we’ve been able to maintain is a credit to our team and only adds to the value we provide our pass holders. That we’re also able to provide access to a host of like-minded resorts across the US is just icing on the cake.” 

Icing on the cake indeed. Passholders get 3 free days of skiing at each partner resort. That’s up to 180 days of skiing across 60 resorts on top of unlimited access to Ski Cooper throughout the season.

Season Pass Partners map

Featured partner resorts include: Loveland Ski Area (Colorado), Eaglecrest (Alaska), Diamond Peak (NV), Sundance (UT), Buck Hill (MN), Whitecap Mountains (WI), Black Mountain (NH), Greek Peak (NY), and Bear Creek (PA).

Essentially, the pass makes sense for anybody wanting to spend a few days of skiing out in Colorado, and then reap the benefits of visiting the partner resorts closer to home after their trip. It’s a win-win.

Same thing goes for those of you that live in the Denver area. Buy one of these passes to have unlimited access to Ski Cooper (2 hour drive), and enjoy free days of skiing at other resorts in Colorado and elsewhere.

^Credit: Casey Day/Ski Cooper

I mentioned before that Ski Cooper doesn’t get brought up in conversation with some Colorado’s larger ski resorts, but that’s okay. Ski Cooper isn’t a mega-resort stuffed with expensive frills and long lift lines, but who wants that anyways?

The ski area’s primary focus is the skiing experience itself, and it has enough terrain and snowfall to please skiers and riders of all abilities.

Check out Ski Cooper’s stats below.

You can buy your Ski Cooper Season Pass here.

Ski Cooper Stats:

Ski Cooper Piste Map / Trail Map

Top Elevation: 11,700 feet

Base Elevation: 10,500 feet

Vertical Drop: 1,200 feet

Trails: 64

Lifts: 5

Skiable Acres: 48

Average Snowfall: 260 inches