today is Oct 06, 2022

An Idaho ski resort has used the current issue of “global supply chain delays” preventing projects being completed to promote a special one-day-only re-opening of its slopes for one day only this weekend, naming it “Supply Chain Saturday.”

Bogus Basin, a non-profit community-run ski area, also referenced the issue that faced many Western North American ski areas this season – very little snowfall between January and March – in its promotion.

However the centre reports they’ve not had more snowfall in 72 hours than in the entirety of February and March.

“Our order of snow got delayed, and the manufacturer was inflexible. You know what we said to that – If mother nature won’t be flexible, we will!” the reopening announcement says, continuing, “We know we said reopening was out of the question, but as the team pondered the what-ifs, we  couldn’t help but feel it’s moments like these that attracted us to work for Bogus Basin – a community mountain dedicated to engaging the Treasure Valley in mountain recreation and fun. (so) …year-round employees are rolling up their sleeves to bring you exactly what you have been asking for – Another day on the mountain!”