today is Oct 01, 2022

Jackson, WY to Spokane, WA today. image: snowbrains

Report from January 14, 2022

Day #1 of the SnowBrains Powder Highway 2022 trip was a weird one…

The plan was to drive the 8-hours (580-miles) from Jackson, WY to Spokane, WA, and pick up my old buddy from the Cal Ski Team (UC Berkeley), Duane, at the Spokane Airport at 9:30 pm.

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The following day, we’d immigrate into Canada, lock onto the Powder Highway, and go where the best snow takes us.

Montana 43. image: snowbrains

On the road in Jackson, WY at 7 am.

Breakfast skipped (I like to do 24-hour fasts on travel days).

Teton Pass wasn’t bad, thank God.

Teton sunrise. image: snowbrains

Once in Idaho, an arduous fog had draped itself over everything.

Strained eyes, no views, no Tetons, both hands on the wheel.

One small, fogless window let the sunrise in for 2-minutes then smeared it away.

Idaho. image: snowbrains

I-15 was a dream after the 2-lane roads.

No fog, 80mph speed limit, mostly straight.

The sunshine finally prevailed revealing mostly blues and whites and some yellows with one bald eagle poised like an Egyptian pharaoh on a leaning wooden fencepost.

Dinner Bed. image: snowbrains

After the hard left onto winding I-90 the weather turned and I began to worry.

Not about the roads, but about the temps…

It was 40ºF and raining.

Jackson Hole before dawn. image: snowbrains

I climbed up Lookout Pass and dropped into Idaho without a flake of snow – all rain.

I started to freak out.

An atmospheric river had just ripped through the Pacific Northwest raining on the tops of most mountains.

Fog morning. image: snowbrains

I’d heard that BC had mostly survived this storm without the R-word but in this moment, I wasn’t sure anymore…

I stopped for gas in Coeur d’Alene and made some calls to friends in the great white north.

The BC reports weren’t great:

  • Revelstoke had a zipper crust up high and mashed potatoes down low after a wet snow, heat, then cold event
  • Red Mountain sounded like it was going to be only groomers due to an off-piste crust
  • I couldn’t get any info on Whitewater
Driggs, Idaho. image: snowbrains

There was some good news:

  • Oli said Revelstoke was supposed to get 25cms of snow this weekend

I finished the last bit of the drive to Spokane and learned something new.

Coeur d’Alene and Spokane are fully connected now.

One long city called Spokane Valley, apparently.

Tiger stripes. image: snowbrains

I rolled into Motel 6, dragged in some gear, grabbed my barbells, and got a quick workout in to wash the road off me.

Yes, I bring two barbells and a pullup bar everywhere I go on the road 🙂

From there I zipped out in the fog-drenched night and bought a new windshield wiper blade for the passenger side (you’re welcome, Duane).

Rime grew on my car from the fog in Idaho. image: snowbrains

I broke my fast in Fiesta Charra II with an Enchiladas Suizas that hit the spot.

Duane landed at 9:30 pm PT and I left the room.

The fog was now on a truly insane level.

30mph on the freeway.

Every light felt blinding.

I jumped out of the car, gave him a big hug, and the stoke sky-rocketed.

Here we go…

Jackson Hole before dawn. image: snowbrains Driggs, Idaho. image: snowbrains Fog morning. image: snowbrains Teton sunrise. image: snowbrains Foggy morning. image: snowbrains Idaho. image: snowbrains Split skies. image: snowbrains Finally out of the fog. image: snowbrains Montana spice. image: snowbrains Tiger stripes. image: snowbrains Nowhere Montana. image: snowbrains Montana 43 and I-15. image: snowbrains Rime grew on my car from the fog in Idaho. image: snowbrains Montana. image: snowbrains Lotza Mormon Churches in Idaho, Montana. image: snowbrains 580 miles exactly Jackson WY to Spokane WA. image: snowbrains Motel 6 room. image: snowbrains Getting advice from the SnowBrains Weather Team. image: snowbrains Foggy tonight… image: snowbrains New wiper blade. image: snowbrains Aztecas. image: snowbrains Enchiladas Suizas at Fiesta Charra II. image: snowbrains Dinner Bed. image: snowbrains