today is Sep 28, 2022

Black Crows presents - 'the ghost ski resorts, chapter two | Fortress Mountain'- a deep dive into the downfall of a Canadian icon, and its possible return

Hidden in the front range of Alberta's Canadian Rockies, about an hour west of Calgary, lies a resort that was once a one of the most energetic hot spots the snow sports world has ever seen. At a time when the world of freeskiing was just beginning to take flight, Fortress Mountain Resort was the place to be up north. But for reasons that are difficult to articulate, it sputtered to a stop at the turn of the century, leaving behind the ghosts of those who were. Now, two decades later, an intrepid crew of passionate Fortress lovers are attempting the impossible; to restart this once great mecca. Callum Petit and Mark Abma venture into the unknown, to see just what Fortress really has to offer.