today is Oct 01, 2022

Report from December 30, 2021

Yesterday we skied 1 of the most gorgeous places on Earth.

Lakes on top of lakes, peaks on top of peaks, and some of the most striking granite formations we’ve seen anywhere.

The snow was wind-pressed and tricky in spots (hear me grunting?), but we were still able to go fast and zip around a bit!

Jagged Bay. image: snowbrains

The wind really got ripping when we were up on the ridge and it was exquisite to feel California flex full winter upon us 😃❄️.

After the ski, we went to Dam Cafe in Tahoe City, CA and ate the bacon burritos with eggs in them and they’re exquisite…

200+ inches of snow in Tahoe in December has been absolutely wild and we’re drinking in every drop 💧.

Thanks, Tahoe!

Fox on top. image: snowbrains
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image: Sierra Avalanche Center, 12/30/21 image: noaa, 12/31/21 Starlight. image: snowbrains Tuft. image: snowbrains Contrast on Tahoe. image: snowbrains Red Cedar. image: snowbrains Road warrior. image: snowbrains The Wave. image: snowbrains Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains Fox points. image: snowbrains Complex. image: snowbrains Roll on. image: snowbrains Fox gaze. image: snowbrains UFOs. image: snowbrains Texture. image: snowbrains Morning star. image: snowbrains Sparkles. image: snowbrains Fox walk red cedar. image: snowbrains Buried highway. image: snowbrains UFOs. image: snowbrains The Dam Cafe. image: snowbrains