today is Sep 26, 2022

“While it’s a little bit early for bears to engage in battle for dominance during breeding season, we believe it may have been a dispute over a food source considering the size of both animals.” – Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Nothing quite like a good old fashion bear brawl to wake you up in the morning. BJ and Micah Campbell had ringside seats to this tussle between two large black bears in Gatlinburg, TN. This video was captured while the Campbells were safe inside a garage but shows how strong and aggressive these magnificent creatures can be. Given the time of year folks from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency believe this scrap was over food rather than establishing dominance for breeding purposes. Great reminder to folks to who have become accustomed to black bears and take them for overgrown raccoons…given certain circumstances they can be quite dangerous and should always be treated with a healthy respect.