today is Oct 01, 2022

The video above shows a family’s terrifying encounter with a bear while out hiking. The bear follows them for about half a mile before they encounter another group.

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The bear approaches from behind the father who is carrying their baby on his back while holding the hand of his young child. The mother is filming the whole thing.

“Can we play dead now?”

– unphased child in the video

The family appears to do everything right in this situation. Would you have done anything differently?

We later learned they’ve had to close this area multiple times because of this bears increasing aggressive behavior. This was scarier than the time I was mock charged by a bear because I had my kids with me felt helpless. The bear was not intimidated by us at all, he just kept following us. At first we thought we were just in the way of the direction he was headed but then we started to wonder if he was stalking us. My 6 yr old is a little too comfortable outdoors wasn’t taking the situation seriously. We finally came upon other hikers and when we alerted them they didn’t know what to do, so I thought I’d share what you should and shouldn’t do if you encounter a bear.

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🐻 Properly store ALL food AND scented products (like lotions or toothpaste) in bear boxes or canisters. 🐻 Travel hike in groups. 🐻 Make noise while you hike, or carry a bear bell. Have a bear cannon. 🐻 Carry bear spray know how to use it.

What NOT to DO if you see a bear: ❌ Do not approach a bear. ❌ Do not startle the bear. ❌ Do not scream or run. ❌ Do not turn your back on a bear. ❌ Do not get between a bear her Cubs. ❌ Do not use bear spray as repellant. ❌ Do not make eye contact with a grizzly. ❌ Do not feed the bear or throw food as a distraction.

What to DO if you see a bear: ✅ Stay calm. ✅ Pick up small children. ✅ Let the bear know your presence that you’re human (not dinner). ✅ Slowly move back away from the bear sideways. ✅ Make yourself look as big as possible. ✅ Have your bear spray out ready with the safety cap removed. ✅ If a brown bear or grizzly attacks, play dead. Lay face down with legs spread covering your neck with your hands. If a black bear attacks fight back.

Who’s seen a bear in the wild before?