today is Sep 26, 2022

No exact date specified for this vintage episode of “Trailside” produced by PBS but I would guess around 1996 judging by that Chevy Suburban he pulls up in and his backcountry gear. “Trailside” was originally billed as the “This Old House” for the outdoors, basically a how-to educational program for family friendly outdoor fun. This episode titled “Ski Touring California’s High Sierra” takes us on backcountry ski adventure through a California’s John Muir Wilderness. Quality mellow trip down memory lane, this

“A secluded glacial valley surrounded by 13,000-foot granite peaks serves as our basecamp as host John Viehman joins a local guide to tune up his kick’n’glide and telemarking skills. Enjoy plenty of action as they swoop and whoop around giant ponderosa pines and some of the finest alpine lakes anywhere.”