today is Nov 28, 2021

This is part three of four installations of the Winter 2021 Photo Annual. Look for more in the coming weeks.

Photo Annual

Photo Credit: Adam Clark

Caroline Gleich. Wasatch Mountains, Utah.

2021 photo

Photo Credit: Nic Alegre/TGR

Caite Zeliff. Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Photo Credit: Hank de Vre

Jeremy Benson. Majestic Heli Skiing, Alaska.

Photo Credit: Martin Axell

Lucas Stål Madison. Riksgränsen, Sweden.

Photo Credit: Mattias Fredriksson

David Kantermo. Shiribetsu, Japan.

Photo Credit: Dave Reddick

Tessa Treadway. Retallack, British Columbia.

Photo Credit: Dave Reddick

Ashley Otte. Mike Weigele Heli, Blue River, British Columbia.

Photo Credit: Nic Alegre/TGR

Tim Durtschi. Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming.


Photo Credit: Oskar Enander

Henrik Windstedt. Alta, Utah.

Photo Credit: Christoph Oberschneider

Sandra Lahnsteiner. Schlossalm, Austria.

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